Friday, September 2, 2016

Proulx Newsletter 9/7-9/2016

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to WHCS 5th Grade!  This is week 1 out of 37, our first 4 days of the 2016-17 school year, including Tuesday's "Open House and All-school BBQ."  That is when you will step into your classroom and enjoy meeting me, your teacher.  You will choose your locker and practice opening it (over and over!).  You will place your supplies in specific areas in the classroom, and finally, you'll need to choose a desk that you will use for several days.  I will assign seats later this month.

I am sure you will have many questions to ask, and for that reason, there will be a Composition Notebook and pen placed on the round table.  I would like for you to write any questions you have for me, or in general, and we will go over those questions on Wednesday. It's ok if you leave a comment as well.  Let's make the beginning week a great one!

Please bring your favorite book to class on Wednesday.  We will have our first Book Share class this Friday.  I'll explain the process to you during school on Wednesday so you will know what to do. It's important that you have your favorite book at school so we can enjoy your recommendations!

Looking ahead:

Sep 6 -  Open House and All-school BBQ 3-5:30 PM.
Sep 7 -  First day of school.
Sep 9 -  Picture day (Proulx 10:00 a.m.)
Sep 9 -  Back to School Night.  This night is for parents (6:30-9pm)
Sep 16- Reading Buddies with Mrs. Walter's 1st Graders.

Following is the classroom-context of our week:

Bible:  Review of Knight's Code.
Memory Verse:  No memory verse this week.  We will go over our school verse:  Psalm 18:30
Math: Introduction to Go Math Chapter 1.
History: Introduction to Geography Unit.
Science: Introduction to Science Unit.
Writing: How to write Reading Responses.
Grammar: Preposition Unit
Literacy Block
    • Reading: Book Share.  Bring your favorite book!
    • Writing: Learn how to write a Reading Response.
    • Spelling: Unit 1 
    • Vocabulary:  Topic Word list next week.
    • Grammar: Preposition unit.
    • Penmanship:  Handwriting Without Tears.  
  • Specials: 4-day schedule 
  • Music: 4-day week schedule
  • Classroom Art Projects: Teacher-lead art projects coincide with Social Studies, "First Weeks of School," Honored Guest Day, and special holidays.
  • Art Education: Fridays in the Science Lab.
Please feel free to view "Class Website" <click link, for updates, and for information pertaining to WHCS, please remember to check the following link to the "school website." <click link
Correction Forms"can be found on the Resources and Study Guides.  Correction  forms <click link.
*There may be some modifications to the schedule during the week, depending on student needs/tempo. We will work on classroom expectations throughout the week. As always, I will email important updates to you as they arise.
**Photos of your child's textbooks are found in "5P Curriculum" on My Website. <click link
*A copy of "Dress Up and Sentence Openers" strategies can be found in "Resources and Study Guides"
Please remember to check for updates on the my classroom website.  Thank you. 

Mrs. Proulx
Fifth Grade
WHCS 2016-2017


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