Monday, January 2, 2017

Proulx Newsletter 01/3-6/2017

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to week 15 of 37.  The new trimester has begun, and report cards come out on Friday.  We will continue to work on our Social Studies unit, Ancient Egypt, while simultaneously learning how to research, cite our sources, and do a project!  What an exciting time of year we are entering.  I am sure the students look forward to a great winter trimester, and a fun rest-of-the-year, 2017!  Please remember this is a 4-day week.  As we have been told via WHCS emails, encourage your child to dress warmly, since lower temperatures are in the forecast.

This is our first week in 2017--let's make it a good one!

Service Project:  We are looking forward to our upcoming work with NWCO in the coming trimester.  We will need much parent help (drivers/chaperones).  Be looking for dates/times, and the volunteer email to be sent in the coming weeks.

Looking ahead:
Jan 03 - School resumes. Start of 2nd Trimester
Jan 06 - Report cards emailed
Jan 25 - Proulx Chapel

Following is the classroom-context of our week:

Lesson 6: Moses Serves God

MV:        I Corinthians 14:12 So it is with you. Since you are eager for gifts of the Spirit, try to excel in those that
               build up the church.
Math:      Cont. Go Math Chapter 2. Math practice and helps: Think Central, and Khan Academy. 
Soc. St.:   Ancient Egypt unit. Practice research procedures. Link to: Trading Card Project/contract. 
Science:   Cont. Light and Sound unit.
Lit. Block:

    • Reading: Research.  SSR:  Reading for fun.
    • Read aloud: Treasure of the Hidden Tomb by Tad Hardy.
    • Writing: Six Traits of Writing: Word Choice.  Cont. Dress Ups and Sentence Openers. <link
    • Spelling:  How to use our spelling concepts in everyday writing.
    • Vocabulary: Topic Word List from Egypt unit.  Will be given in class.
    • Grammar: Easy Grammar for 5th Grade.  Continued focus: adverbs and adjectives.
    • Penmanship:  Handwriting Without Tears.  
Reading Buddies:  We will exchange Christmas gifts this week.
Specials: Four-day schedule.
Art:  If time allows: papyrus name plate in heiroglypics.  
Please feel free to view "Class Website< click link for updates. For information pertaining to WHCS, please remember to click the following link >"school website." 
Correction Forms can be found on the Resources and Study Guides page on the classroom website, or click the link to print > "Correction  forms<link.  If you have not yet seen the Corrections forms, please remind your children that they are capable to choose any assignment, do corrections, and improve their grade points.
*There may be some modifications to the schedule during the week, depending on student needs/tempo. We will work on classroom expectations throughout the week. As always, I will email important updates to you as they arise.
**Photos of your child's textbooks are found in "5P Curriculum" on My Website. <click link
*A copy of "Dress Up and Sentence Openers" strategies can be found in "Resources and Study Guides"

Please remember to check for updates on the my classroom website.  Thank you. 

Mrs. Proulx
Fifth Grade
WHCS 2016-2017

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