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Proulx Newsletter 03/06-10/2017

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to week 25 of 37. Students are working on their first book report of the year.  Student rough drafts are due on Friday (in their Reading Comp. with parent editing/signatures). Typed finals are due Wednesday 3/15.  This will be their only formal book report this year.  It is 5 paragraphs which will include the writing choices they have been learning about this year (we call them Dress-ups).  

Looking ahead:

Mar 10 - Special Chapel with Aaron Meyer (8:30-9:10)
Mar 14  - Field Trip: Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals (9:00-1:30)
Mar 17 - Patriotic Program and Museum (7 pm).
Mar 23 - 5/6 grade Puberty Talk 
Mar 24-April 2 No School Spring Break.
April 7  - Service Project:  Our work at NWCO is scheduled for April 7th, 12:30-2:55 pm.  Band Festival also happening on the same day.  See details from Mrs. Kuhns.
Apr   7 - Report Cards emailed.
Following is the classroom-context of our week:

Bible:    Unit 11 Deborah Helps Others.  

MV:        Psalm 121:1-2 <link
Math:     Chapter 3 Test 3/6.  Chapter 4 begins Tues 3/7.
               Math practice and helps: Think Central, and Khan Academy. 
SS:         Ancient Greece unit continued.
Sci:        Solid Earth Unit.
Literacy Block:
    • Reading: Book Report outline due 3/10. Book report due 3/15.  Pink packet  (<click link for details).
    • Read Aloud: Wishbone Series.  Odysseus
    • Writing: Work on book report packet in class. Students will do 1st draft in Reading Comp. notebook.  Rough draft due 3/10 with edits and parent signature.  Students will need to work at home and at school; parent editing needed. Typing/printing final drafts will be assigned as homework, however, students will continue to work on the reports at school during Writing class, as well.  Book report due date extension: March 15. 
Reading Buddies: Friday
Specials: Regular Schedule
Music: Mon., Wed. lunch recess.  Thurs. 5/6 Girls (lunch recess)
Art: Trireme and columns.

Please feel free to view "Class Website< click link for updates. For information pertaining to WHCS, please remember to click the following link >"school website." 
Correction Forms can be found on the Resources and Study Guides page on the classroom website, or click the link to print > "Correction  forms<link.  If you have not yet seen the Corrections forms, please remind your children that they are capable to choose any assignment, do corrections, and improve their grade points.
*There may be some modifications to the schedule during the week, depending on student needs/tempo. We will work on classroom expectations throughout the week. As always, I will email important updates to you as they arise.

**Photos of your child's textbooks are found in "5P Curriculum" on My Website. <click link
*A copy of "Dress Up and Sentence Openers" strategies can be found in "Resources and Study Guides"

Please remember to check for updates on the my classroom website.  Thank you. 

Mrs. Proulx
Fifth Grade
WHCS 2016-2017

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