Saturday, April 22, 2017

Proulx Newsletter 4/24-28/2017

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to week 30/37 of the 2016-2017 school year.

We will continue reviewing ideas about "Growth Mindset"   Interested?  View the short video at Growth Mindset for Parents <link.  Feel free to ask your child about some of the ideas they are reviewing.  Ask them, what is a "Yeti? "

Let's continue our enthusiastic trend and make week 30 an excellent one.

Looking ahead:
Apr 24 - ACSI Bible Test for 5th Grade
Apr 25 - Lion King After School Rehearsal (3:05-5:00)
Apr 27 - Lion King Dress/Photos After School Rehearsal (3:05-5:00)
Apr  28 - Lion King Assembly (8:30-9:15); Lion King Musical (7-8 pm)
May 10 - Progress Reports Emailed
May 24 - Proulx Class Chapel.

Following is the classroom-context of our week:

Bible:   Lesson 21. David Sins  Test Wed. 4/26 Begin Lesson 22: Absalom Rebels...
MV:      Psalm 51:10 (<link) Quiz Wed. 4/26  New verse: Hebrews 3:12.
Math:   Chapter 5.  Dividing Decimals. Test 5 Monday (note date change). Math practice
            and helps: Think Central             and Khan Academy. 
SS:       Finish Byzantine Empire. Test Thursday.   
Sci:       Energy work and Simple Machines.             
Literacy Block:
    • Reading: Work on story board. Final due on, or before, 5/01/2017. Presentations to begin 5/01.
    • Read Aloud: Continue Crispin: The Cross of Lead 
    • Writing: Begin to type up final drafts, cut and glue, and finish Storyboards: due date 5/1. Begin intro to Final Middle Ages Research Report. Begin research 5/1.
    • Spelling: Take Home Task 22
    • Grammar: Continue Punctuation Unit.
    • Specials: Regular Schedule
    • For added help, read below the line, and feel free to click any link to get to our classroom website, the school website, and/or print 

Please feel free to view "Class Website< click link for updates. For information pertaining to WHCS, please remember to click the following link >"school website." 
Correction Forms can be found on the Resources and Study Guides page on the classroom website, or click the link to print > "Correction  forms<link.  If you have not yet seen the Corrections forms, please remind your children that they are capable to choose any assignment, do corrections, and improve their grade points.
*There may be some modifications to the schedule during the week, depending on student needs/tempo. We will work on classroom expectations throughout the week. As always, I will email important updates to you as they arise.

**Photos of your child's textbooks are found in "5P Curriculum" on My Website. <click link
*A copy of "Dress Up and Sentence Openers" strategies can be found in "Resources and Study Guides"

Please remember to check for updates on the my classroom website.  Thank you. 

Mrs. Proulx
Fifth Grade
WHCS 2016-2017

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