5P Curriculum

Photos and brief descriptions of your child's textbooks (scroll down for current photos of your child in class, sports, etc.).

  • Old World History and Geography (for Geography Unit only)
  • Heritage Studies Second Edition 
  • Rebecca Sitton Spelling Program.
  • Easy Grammar: Wenda C. Phillips
  • Google Classroom: googleclassroom.com
  • Khan Academy: khanacademy.com

Treasures; Macmillian McGraw Hill Reading textbook
The students read selected stories and work from
pink packets that focus on corresponding concepts taught.
Composition Notebooks:
Students add binding in class during the first week of school.  Tape provided by the teacher.
Purple binding--Social Studies                                  
Yellow binding--Spelling/Grammar;
White binding--Reading/Writing
Green binding--Science                                              
  Black, or original binding--Bible:  Used for note- taking, reflections, and various student-
generated writing activities.

New Bible Curriculum: Bible; Purposeful Design The students have a workbook with a similar cover.
Students work from their Bibles (NIV), and do the worksheet
pages that correspond with the lesson of the day.

Our new Math Curriculum is Go Math published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co.

Additionally, following is a link to a great Parent support:  Love and Logic.  The website includes book recommendations, and free articles and handouts for parents to use.