About Mrs. Proulx

“God can't give us peace and happiness apart from Himself because there is no such thing.”--C.S. Lewis

I have come to believe these words, and hope that through my life, and God's work through the lives of teachers at WHCS, students can come to hear God's call for them to draw closer to Him.

A little about Mrs. Proulx, the teacher.
  • I am a teacher with 19 years experience.
  • I received my Bachelor's at the University of AZ.
  • I earned my Master of Education from University of AZ. 
  • I was first certified in the state of AZ.
  • I was first certified with A.C.S.I. in AZ
  • I was A.C.S.I. certified in Oregon.
  • I have a current Teacher License from the state of Oregon.
  • My career began with first teaching Middle School, which continued for 10 years.
  • During that time, I also taught High School English and 6-12 grade Spanish.
  • When I moved to Tucson, AZ, I taught 1st grade for 1 year.
  • I  then taught 4th grade for 3 school years in Tucson, AZ.
  • This will be my 7th year teaching 5th grade at WHCS.
  • I am bilingual (Spanish/English).
  • I conducted an afterschool Mt. Bike club for students in AZ.
  • I have conducted afterschool Spanish and Guitar Clubs at WHCS.
  • I have added Teaching with LOVE and LOGIC to my repertoire.  link: Love and Logic
  • I joined a team in China, to conduct training classes for Chinese English teachers. ELI was the organization I partnered with.  Link: ELI.  
  • One of my passions is to facilitate quality education into the Christian educational environment.
  • My pursuit is to tap into teaching strategies that will motivate and promote a desire for learning.
  • I continue to learn right along with my students--which makes me a life-long learner.
What am I currently doing?
5th Grade Teacher WHCS
Guitar Club Term 1 2016 at WHCS.
Westside AJC: Westside Kids. Team Host K-5rd Grade. Specific work with K-2 @ 12 pm. service.
Westside AJC: Foster Parent Support Group Facilitators; Ed and Sylvia Proulx