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Not all tests will have study guides posted.  There are times when students are required to take notes during a review, or use handouts/packets for their test/quiz preparation.
Please scroll down to find the form or study guide you are looking for and click on it's link.

Science research assignments and projects are near the end of the page.

Correction forms for quizzes, tests, and assignments:
Please note:  The 5th grade teachers encourage students to do "Corrections," rather than retakes to encourage student-learning.  
  • Students find their errors on the original assignment.
  • Students think about what they did, or did not do to cause the error and write that information down first.
  • Students research, rethink, and correct their errors and show the explanations on the Correction Form.
Bible Study Guides:  To be used when no review is given in class--or to reinforce what has been learned in class, and to review for the quiz/test.
    • Student-generated notes from today's review.  That will be used as Study Guide 11.
    • Test 11 is a teacher/student collaboratively-generated test.
Book Report Resources:  
Writing Resources:  The resources below will be used with most writing assignments in the 5th grade.
Social Studies: Study Guides: 

Science Rock and Mineral Assignment:  

Science: Rock Collections Lab
Our science lab instructor, Mrs. Swain, assigned the students a Rock Collection Project, which is due on the morning of Tuesday, April 4th. Each student should collect at least 8 different rocks or minerals in order to identify them. The students must NOT know the type of rock or mineral collected (it would defeat the purpose of attempting to identify it in Science Lab). Please use an ordinary egg carton to collect them, numbering the carton spots #1-8 for the rocks or minerals to be placed in. If anyone has extra egg cartons at their house, please bring them in for students who do not have one to use for collecting. This has already been explained to the students in class. Thank you, and please direct any questions to Mr. Riedl or Mrs. Swain.

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