Social Studies Projects

Future photos for your viewing will be:  Island Maps from the Geography unit, Field trip snapshots, and much more on the 5P Showcase page (will be added during the year).

Following is a sketch of what students will be enjoying in History/Geography class:
  • Island projects for in-depth geographical study of the surface of the earth.
  • Study of Ancient Egypt.
  • Replicas of the Scarab Beetle, and a one-page description.
  • Learn about the immensity of the Pyramids, draw/make replicas.
  • Choose three topics of interest, do research, make 3 Egyptian trading cards/share.
  • Survey of Ancient Greece
  • Make replicas of Greek vases (posted in classroom).
  • Read about the Trojan War in a ''snapshot" Iliad.
  • Read a snapshot of the "Odyssey."
  • Sketch triremes, and the three types of Ancient Greek columns (Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian).
  • Read Aesop's Fables, and learn to write one of their own.
  • Perform skits portraying their favorite fable.
  • Review aspects of Greek mythology (survey); do a compare/contrast with Biblical teaching about creation, how evil came into the world, and "gods."
  • Discover the first "democracy."
  • View the first Olympic games.
  • Learn about the Parthenon.
  • Ancient Rome unit.
  • Learning Objectives will include:
Christ in the Roman world.
  1. Discover why the phrase "All Roads Lead to Rome" was coined.
  2. Deduce correlations between the ancient Roman world, and what is penned in the book of Romans (Bible).
  3. Replicate the Roman Mosaic: Cave Canum, "Beware the Dog."
  4. Compare-- Greek/Roman gods.
  5. Take a look at Roman architecture. To whom was the ''arch'' credited?
  6. Sketch the Arch of Titus.
  7. Survey the Colosseum.
  8. Learn who commissioned the building of the Pantheon and why.
  • The Byzantine Empire
  • Constantinople
  • The Middle Ages research paper and project.