Notes to Volunteers

Dear Parent Volunteers and Chaperones,

First of all I would like to extend my gratitude for your diligence in coming into the classroom to help, on a continual basis.  You grade, record, and file papers, get the Friday packets ready, and organize anything that will help the class to run smoothly--all done with a smile!

I appreciate your patience as I work to train your children in so many areas (not only academics), and I am grateful for your input.

Second, I thank you on behalf of your children.  While they don't realize it, our class parties would not exist if it were not for your creativity, hosting, and of course, providing the fun and food!  You have made this year an enjoyable one.  Thank you for helping me with my "Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich" party as well.  What a blessing!

Finally, for the past few field trips, and the upcoming field trip to Tigard Bowl and Pizza Caboose, I want to thank you for your kind attitude in paying close attention to the needs of the class while on field trips.  You have helped keep them safe, promote good manners, and lend a watchful eye for student-to-student behaviors.  We want to glorify the name of Christ which appears in our school name, and you have helped us do that while we are "out-and-about" our great city.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the year, and pray that you have a wonderful summer of rest, fun, and family-time.

Sylvia Proulx
5th Grade
WHCS 2015-16

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