Thursday, September 7, 2017

Español con la Señora Proulx. 2018-2019

Bienvenidos a WHCS K-6 Spanish con la Señora Proulx!

K-2 implements resources from Risas Y Sonrisas Spanish for Kids Program, and Mini-books by Nellie Edge. The K-2 Spanish program includes music, songs, and many visuals and hands-on learning tools.

3-6 grades utilize Risas y Sonrisas and resources by Leticia Smith. shows the books and resources supplemented in the WHCS Spanish elementary school program.  Middle elementary school students will also participate in songs, simple dances, games, and skits to put actions to their learning.

The WHCS 6th grade Spanish Program is comprehensive and fun.  During the 1st and second terms, concepts prepare students for the third trimester in which Realidades 1 by Pearson is integrated. All activities and handouts are related to Spanish Realidades 1 Curriculum, and preparatory concepts are carried over from terms 1 and 2.  WHCS 6th grade students also participate in Proulx Spanish 6 Google Classroom, Quizlet, and Duolingo.