Thursday, January 25, 2018

January 2018

Estimados Padres y Estudiantes de WHCS,

Greetings!  It is my pleasure to announce a successful first term.  Kindergarteners now have two Spanish classes per week (just like 1st-6th).  We are serious about student-learning when it comes to all subjects and that includes the foreign language domain of our school. 

For all students in the WHCS Spanish classes, song and music, sign language, learning-through-movement, and conversation are all included in the curriculum.  I, as the Spanish teacher, also integrate anything I can from each grade levels core curriculum.

This term, I will bring Spanish culture into the classroom as we do projects, watch short videos, see products and artwork which introduces the various countries who have Spanish as part of their culture and language.

It is my joy and privilege to be in each classroom this year, spending time with your children and you (if you are a student reading this page), helping them not only learn Spanish, but guiding them in strengthening their ENGLISH language skills.  (They are still learning the English language!)

Have a wonderful second term as we work our way to Spring Break!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Español con la Señora Proulx. 2017-2018

Bienvenidos a WHCS K-7 Spanish con las Señora Proulx!

K-2 implements resources from Risas Y Sonrisas Spanish for Kids Program, and Mini-books by Nellie Edge. The K-2 Spanish program includes music, songs, and many visuals and hands-on learning tools.

3-6 grade utilizes Risas y Sonrisas by Leticia Smith  and resources. shows the books and resources supplemented in the WHCS Spanish elementary school program.

The WHCS 7/8 Spanish Program is comprehensive and fun.  The text used is Realidades 1 by Pearson. All activities and handouts are related to Spanish Realidades 1 Curriculum, and preparatory concepts are carried over from the WHCS K-6 Spanish program.  WHCS 7 students also participate in Proulx Spanish 7 Google Classroom.